4 out of 5 top car brands choose Mondial Assistance UK

All of these successful brands focus on delivering a first class level of customer care and harness the power of Mondial Assistance’s expertise to deliver services that add real value to the ownership experience.

Mondial Assistance client Mazda ranks number one for the automotive sector scoring 83.3%. It was followed closely by clients Volvo with 81.5% and BMW/MINI with 80%. Toyota came in fourth with 79.8%, just ahead of Mondial’s remaining top 5 client Mercedes-Benz, who came in fifth with 79.6%.

Lee Taylor, Automotive Sales Director for Mondial Assistance in the UK says, “At Mondial Assistance we help motor manufacturers expand their value offering to their customers and strengthen customer relations in an increasingly competitive market. We are constantly developing services designed to meet the needs of customers and engage with them in new ways.

“Smartphone technology has become a major growth area for us in the last year, with the launch of our white label app, Direct Assist. This has been a global success for Mondial Group, providing improved service delivery and convenience to motor manufacturers in Brazil, Asia Pacific and Continental Europe.”