Allianz Global Assistance UK Continues to Tackle Gap in Social Care

“It is quite clear that there is a gap in the social care market, and the recent figures show a dramatic decline in the care available,” says Sarah Ducker, Health Development Specialist at Allianz Global Assistance in the UK. “This emphasises the need for the gap in social care to be filled by a robust network of care management solutions. The Allianz Global Assistance UK Family Homecare policy is a unique insurance solution that can provide up to six weeks of assistance at home, delivered by professional carers, following an unforeseen illness or accident which has resulted in hospitalization.

“Our short term care solution goes some way to fill the gap in the social care market and ensure that the elderly and their families receive the level of support and care when they may most need it without having to rely on public services.”

Allianz Global Assistance believes that employers, unions and professional bodies could also alleviate the burden of care provision by offering a Family Homecare Scheme. The provision of such a scheme should be part of a business’s ongoing commitment to helping their employees, and the UK population as a whole, plan for care and the associated costs involved, whilst minimizing its impact on industry.

A survey by Allianz Global Assistance found that 48%*** of people would be interested in a Family Homecare policy as an Employee or Member Benefit, which should help to convince insurers that public demand for such a solution does exist. The same research also revealed that a staggering 52% of people are concerned about having to provide future care themselves for elderly parents or extended family, should they need home assistance.

“The recent reports continue to highlight the UK’s lack of resources as demand for social care increases,” concludes Sarah Ducker. “It is evident that there are difficulties in the processes, and that public service resources are hard pressed. The new cap on care costs is not creating a positive response within the insurance industry and whilst the cap on care costs will go some way to reform the healthcare system, interim solutions need to be embraced in the meantime. This is why the Family Homecare scheme and other similar solutions are in place to bridge the current gap in the social care market.”