Allianz Global Assistance Urges Industry to Bridge the Family Homecare Gap

Whilst the report rejects private insurance options in favour of public funding, a survey by Allianz Global Assistance found that 48%*1 of people would be interested in a Family Homecare policy as an Employee or Member Benefit. The same research also revealed that a staggering 52% of people*1 are concerned about having to provide future care themselves for elderly parents or extended family, should they need home assistance.

“It is estimated that carers who are forced to give up work costs British business £1.3 billion in lost productivity,” explains Phil Carr, Head of Health, Life & Homecare Services for Allianz Global Assistance in the UK. “The former care minister, Paul Burstow is calling for carers to have a legal right to five extra days of paid leave. With 6.5 million people in the UK have caring responsibilities, according to the 2011 census, introducing such a law could add an additional burden to businesses.”*2

Allianz Global Assistance believes that employers, unions and professional bodies could alleviate the burden of care provision by offering of a Family Homecare Scheme. The provision of such a scheme should be part of a business’s ongoing commitment to helping their employees, and the UK population as a whole, plan for care and the associated costs involved, whilst minimizing its impact on industry.

To tackle the issue head on, Allianz Global Assistance has joined forces with a new Health platform Yecco, to offer ‘Yecco Care at Home’. Yecco integrates all the vital aspects of an individual’s life, friends, family and health, in one coherent location. Yecco’s Care at Home Insurance can be used as a flexible benefit to offer up to 6 weeks of care at home for employees or their family members following an accident or illness which results in hospitalisation.

In the event of a claim, Yecco Care at Home policyholders can receive transport home from hospital, personal care and meal/housework assistance to assist with a quick recovery, which aims to reduce sick leave. Up to 5 additional family members can be added to one policy and therefore the insurance works to also reduce unplanned leave for employees who may otherwise have to take time off to look after a recovering relative. By taking up Yecco’s Care at Home employers can be confident that their employees will receive professional, caring and continuous help, giving families time to put long term procedures and care plans into place, whilst reducing the ever growing anxiety around eldercare.

Explains Janet Jadavji, CEO and Founder of Yecco. “With the UK social care ‘gap’ forecast to hit over 2 million without adult children to care for them, by 2030*4, we need to build a robust network of care management solutions that brings together carers, patients and healthcare professionals. Social media can be pivotal to revolutionising communications in the care sector.”

Concludes Phil Carr: “The Commission is a major step towards the radical reform that is needed to update the healthcare system, but its recommendations, should they be undertaken, will take time to come into play. In the interim solutions that can be embraced by businesses, such as a Family Homecare scheme, are and will continue to bridge the gap.”

*1 Independent survey of 200 people across the UK conducted by Gorkana.