Festival-goers Top Tips

As the countdown to the UK festival season begins in earnest, leading travel insurance and assistance provider Mondial Assistance UK is urging festival-goers to remember to purchase travel insurance as they prepare to party.  As enthusiasts don wellies and pitch  their tents on party pastures, Mondial warns revellers that they are just as much at risk from theft of possessions, an emergency or the cancellation of a trip, when holidaying here in the UK as they would be if in Europe or further afield.

“Joining the festival circuit here in the UK is the highlight of the summer for many music and culture lovers. However, frustratingly, many travellers don’t believe there is a need to take out insurance to protect them and their valuables in the same way as if they were going on a holiday abroad,” says Ben Smart, Travel Director at Mondial Assistance.

“At the best of times, festivals are a hotspot for opportunistic thieves, but in times of adversity the risk of being targeted becomes even greater.  This has been confirmed recently with  a reported 10% increase in the number of thefts on the UK’s streets in the last year;  the biggest annual rise in a decade.* With this in mind, festival goers should be taking every measure to protect themselves against having to replace expensive items such as smartphones and iPads if they were stolen. Whilst some home contents insurance policies will already cover these items always check the policy Terms and Conditions so you know what the excesses are or the exclusions.  And camping and sports equipment may well not be covered by a home insurance policy and these can be costly to replace. A good comprehensive travel insurance policy can ensure travellers and their possessions are protected and will save a lot of time, money and heartache.” 

When taking out a travel insurance policy for a UK ‘staycation’, travellers should look into which type of policy would best suit them. For example, for festival lovers it may be worthwhile them considering an annual policy as this will cover them for a number of festivals that they want to attend and will give more value for money.

 “Insurance should be at the top of every festival-goers check list to ensure that nothing spoils their fun this summer,” concludes Ben Smart. “Make sure that all policy conditions are checked out before travelling so that there is no room for any nasty surprises. The NHS will give you medical treatment should the need arise, but it won’t pay the cost of transferring you from one end the country to the other if that’s required.  And for those that would rather climb into a comfy hotel bed rather than a one man tent at the end of a day’s partying, could you afford the cancellation cost if you had to pull out of the trip at the 11th hour? Most travellers would not question the importance of insurance for a holiday abroad and so they need to realise that this also applies to their holidays in the UK.”

Mondial Assistance UK Top Tips For Festival-Goers This Summer:
• Make sure that your travel insurance policy will cover you for festivals/camping
• Avoid taking expensive personal items if possible, but if you do decide to take them along, check that the insurance policy will cover them
• Check that you have secured your home before leaving for a summer festival by making sure that all doors and windows are locked
• Stock up on some healthcare essentials. Items such as sun tan lotion and insect repellent are some of the very important products to remember.
• Try to ensure that personal belongings are kept as safe as possible. Use lockers if they are available and get padlocks for backpack and tent zips etc
• Remember that any claims made on an insurance policy for injury can be invalid if you were under the influence of alcohol
• Make sure that you don’t forget any of your essentials by using the My Travel Checklist on your PC or smartphone – www.mondial-assistance.co.uk/TCL