Get Covered Before Hitting the Slopes this Spring

As with all sports, skiing is associated with a risk of injury yet according to research from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) a surprising 31% of travellers still believe that they only need a standard travel policy to cover them for sport related injuries. A further 62% wrongly believe that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will cover them for all costs associated with a sporting accident.*

Skiers and snowboarders need to ensure that they take out a policy that protects them from these potentially budget breaking expenses. It goes without saying that a claim amounting to over £1,000 could seriously damage the bank balance of any budget skier as well as those splashing the cash.

Emma Bebb of Ski Club of Great Britain says, “Not only can insurance cover the medical treatment and related transport costs of an accident, it can also provide compensation for time missed on the slopes due to illness, injury, and even piste closure, as well as accidental damage to ski equipment. It’s also worth looking for a policy which covers any pre-paid costs for equipment, ski school fees and lift passes if your trip is cancelled, just in case.

“At the Ski Club of Great Britain we strongly advise skiers to read their insurance policies in detail, before travelling as there may be conditions you hadn’t considered. For example many policies state that claims for medical and other expenses incurred by accidents and injuries where alcohol was involved will not be paid.

“A wintersports break can be a great antidote to the winter blues but the cost of damaged or lost equipment, medical care or cancellations could leave travellers seriously out of pocket. Many people are still keeping a tight rein on their holiday budgets, but to ensure winter sport holidaymakers are protected it is important that travel insurance does not become a victim of the cost-cutting.”