Going Where the Sea is Blue?

In the countdown to a holiday, Allianz Global Assistance UK reminds holidaymakers the jobs to do before and on departure day, to minimise the risk of returning to the scene of a burglary or even a flooded home.

Countdown to holiday checklist

• Identify someone who you can trust to keep an eye on your house when you are away. You don’t want the house to look vacant, so ideally post should be collected into a pile and you may even ask if they’ll water your plants for you too!
• Have a look at your home’s security before you go. It is worth making sure that all locks, doors and gates are in order and you may even want to invest in CCTV.
• If you have pets, make arrangements for them to be fed and looked after whilst you are away.
• Start to finish the food in your fridge and freezer, as you may want to turn off the electrics on the day you leave.
• You may want to consider installing a digital timer so you can programme specific lights to turn on and off at different times in the evening, but you need to remember to leave the electricity on for this!
• Cancel newspapers, milk and other regular deliveries, whilst you’re away.
• Put tools and ladders out of sight, so they cannot be used to aid a break in.
• Cut the lawn before you go and trim back any plants that burglars could hide behind. An overgrown garden could signal a vacant property.
Departure Day Checklist
• Make sure windows, garages and side/back entry gates to your property are all locked.
• If you are leaving your car at home, make sure car keys are left out of sight so as not to tempt opportunistic thieves.
• Empty, clean and unplug the fridge.
• Unplug your electrical appliances.
• Shut off the water supply.
• Empty the kitchen bins.
• Leave a set of keys with a trusted friend or neighbour.

“As many people are now active on social media and regularly keep others updated on what they are up to, it’s really important not to broadcast the dates of your holiday or share updates when you are away. By broadcasting your home as empty, homeowners can attract unwanted guests” explained Lee Taylor Chief Sales Officer at Allianz Global Assistance in the UK.

Homeowners who take small steps to ensure the safety and security of their property when they are away, are more likely to return to their home in the same condition as when they left it, avoiding unnecessary stress and upset.

“It is also worth remembering that if you are going on holiday for longer than 30 days, homeowners may find that their existing home insurance policy isn’t adequate. Most insurers won’t cover a property if it is left unoccupied for more than 30 days, so it is really important that you check your policy wording to avoid finding out that you aren’t covered” concluded Lee Taylor.