Mondial Assistance gets Technicians started early

With a Q&A on roadside assistance during office visit

As part of its hugely successful CSR Programme, Mondiality, Mondial Assistance has again invited pupils from a local primary school into its offices to learn all about the working life of a roadside assistance technician.

The workplace visit is part of a six week mentoring scheme the company runs in the school each year. During the programme, employees visit the school once a week to discuss careers, and work together with students on a big presentation for the rest of the school and parents, all about what they have learnt.

The partnership between Mondial Assistance and Castle Hill has been blossoming for over a decade, and has taken on many forms, from help with reading to some 200 managers and supervisors taking time out to make-over the outside space at the school. The current mentoring programme, looking at careers, supports a local campaign to give children bigger and more realistic career dreams.

Rosanna Farrar, who is responsible for Mondiality commented: “When we started the school visits in February, the students had dreams to be footballers or pop stars, but by the end of the six weeks their ideals had changed, and we even heard plans being made to drive a fully-equipped roadside assistance van! It’s amazing and extremely encouraging to see such young people develop realistic and attainable career plans.

“The kids really enjoyed chatting to one of our Manufacturer Branded Technicians, and asking him questions about all aspects of his job. Next time they need roadside assistance while out with Mum and Dad, they should have a lot to chat about with the attending technician, and maybe even some tricky questions - so be warned, you may soon find yourself face to face with a ten year old Jon Snow!”