Mondial Assistance Gets Stuck In

Following the success and enjoyment of its many conservation projects over the past few years, the Mondial Assistance UK Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, Mondiality, is now seeing staff get their hands dirty at Kenley Common, as well as continuing to lend a helping hand at Farthing Downs.

Mondial Assistance Managers and Supervisors recently split into two groups to spend an afternoon each at Farthing Downs, pulling up Ragwort - a weed that is poisonous to cattle and horses. The rangers at Farthing Downs rely on volunteers such as Mondial Assistance staff, to help preserve the public space and keep it in a habitable state for the rare breeds living on the site. Removing Ragwort also ensures the Downs remain usable and open for all members of the public to enjoy.
During their time on Farthing Downs, everyone was split into teams with the challenge to pull as much Ragwort as possible from an area over a mile long. There was a bit of healthy competition between the teams, which meant the Ragwort was cleared in no time!

Clarissa Joshua, who is responsible for Mondiality, says, “The rangers at Farthing Downs were delighted with the amount of Ragwort collected in such a short time, as well as the attitude and commitment shown by Mondial Assistance employees. It was great to see so many people getting involved and doing something together which is so different from their day-to-day work, while also helping to maintain the local environment. Everyone really enjoyed being outside and working with others not necessarily in their departments when in the office.”

The first Mondial Assistance visit to Kenley involved two full days on the Common. On each day teams of six volunteers rolled up their sleeves to help clear dead brambles and pile them onto the truck for the ranger to take away. Kenley Common is an ancient site, surrounding a former Battle of Britain Airfield. Like Farthing Downs, cattle and sheep graze the area and rangers rely on help from volunteers to keep the site habitable for animals and clear for visitors.

Clarissa commented, “Working on two of the hottest days of the year so far, the staff were amazing and did not stop, despite being very hot and sweaty. Everyone found it incredibly rewarding because they produced great results, added to this, all the flowers were in bloom, making it a beautiful day out. Mondiality has become central to Mondial Assistance’s work culture and it’s great to see how rewarding these projects are for everyone involved.”