Mondial Assistance UK Comes Second in the Croydon 100 Challenge

As part of Mondiality, the Mondial Assistance UK Corporate and Social Responsibility Programme, a team of employees has taken second place in the Croydon 100 Challenge, behind the Home Office. The Challenge is an annual competition between companies across Croydon to raise funds for Croydon Commitment. Once again Mondial Assistance UK staff have given it their all, under the company’s commitment to giving something back to the local community.

Croydon Commitment is a corporate-led social responsibility charity that promotes the work of local charities and voluntary groups and is supported by local businesses, fundraising on behalf of other charities. It bridges the gap between the needs of the local community and that of businesses in the area.

Businesses taking part in the Croydon 100 Challenge enter teams of six people, each starting with £100 with the aim of turning that sum into as much money as possible for Croydon Commitment, using ingenious money making schemes.

One of the activities organised by the team was a fun-filled quiz night. The prize was a meal for four and two bottles of champagne, which the winning team kindly donated so that it could be used to raise more money. This year’s flaming-hot June meant the team could then embark on Car Washing to raise money, offering all car owners parking at Mondial House a wash and dry service.
July saw the team organise a cake sale, and a pamper lunch with the help of three beauty treatment ladies from House of Fraser, giving hand massages and manicures for just £5.

“This year’s C100C has been fantastic with all the staff throwing themselves into it and helping our team raise as much money as possible,” says Clarissa Joshua, who is responsible for Mondiality. “The sheer variety of fundraising events means there’s never been a dull moment at Mondial House this summer and we have all done our bit to help this worthwhile charity.

“We are delighted to have come in second place in the C100C and I would like to congratulate the Mondial Assistance team on pulling out all the stops to raise so much money for Croydon Commitment. Everyone who has taken part has thoroughly enjoyed it, as it brought the whole company together at a huge range of events in the last few months. This event is just one of the many fundraising and social responsibility projects we do through Mondiality and is an example of how highly Mondial employees value these types of activities and giving something back to the local community.”