Planning a Last Minute Winter Ski Getaway? Plan Ahead for Summer Too

Travellers looking to bag some last minute Winter deals are being asked to think ahead to their summer holidays.  Overlooking the financial savings that can be made by buying an annual travel insurance policy to cover all trips – including ski trips, cruises or even weddings – could cost you dear warns Allianz Global Assistance.

“It is always worth doing some research to find out the benefits of an annual travel insurance policy to see if it saves some money,” says Lee Taylor, Chief Sales Officer at Allianz Global Assistance UK. “If individuals find that they go on a few trips a year, both in the winter and summer, it is definitely worth looking into an annual policy as this will often save money.

“It is however important to remember that there may be special requirements that need to be added to an insurance policy. Individuals looking to take to the slopes this year must always check that their annual policy covers winter sports that they plan to take part in. The cost of medical care, damaged or lost equipment, or cancellations could leave travellers out of pocket and ruin their break. To minimise the risk, holidaymakers should check that the policy covers them for all eventualities, ensuring they enjoy a safe trip all year round.”

Allianz Global Assistance provides some top tips for winter sports fanatics before they hit the slopes:

Top Tips from Allianz Global Assistance UK

1. Remember to have an up to date EHIC as well as travel insurance. Visit to apply for a free EHIC. Do not use different websites where there may be a fee involved.
2. Get an insurance policy that covers winter sports, including piste and avalanche closure cover as well as at least £2 million for medical and repatriation expenses.
3. Purchase travel insurance at the time of booking due to the risk of having to cancel a holiday.
4. To help avoid minor strains and sprains, and to aid quick recovery in case of injury, build your muscle strength before leaving, by walking, jogging or cycling for example.
5. Have ski equipment fitted by a professional to meet your requirements and experience level.
6. Save all medical care receipts if you are likely to make an insurance claim when you return home.
7. Protect yourself with high SPF sun cream and lip protection, and wear sun glasses or goggles.
8. Strongly consider wearing a helmet for winter sports. Make sure that the helmet fits properly and complies with one of the following standards; Common European Norm (CEN), The American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), or Snell Memorial Foundation.
9. Remember to check your insurance terms and conditions; you may be surprised to find that you are not covered for any injuries occurring when you’re under the influence of alcohol.