Products and Services to Help Bridge the UK's Social Care Gap are Available Here and Now

Sarah Ducker, Health Development Specialist at Allianz Global Assistance in the UK, explains, “According to the latest reports, 60% of people are expected to need care in their old age and one in 10 of those may have to find over £100,000 to fund that care*. Yet David Cameron’s cap on care costs hasn’t seen the boost to eldercare products he hoped for, with insurers claiming a lack of interest in policies that plan ahead for care. This has opened detabate and comment across the industry.”

Care Minister, Norman Lamb, reported*, “I do challenge the insurance industry - don’t be conservative on this. Step up to the plate. They have a responsibillity in my view too. We need to do this collaboratively.” The Allianz Global Assistance UK Family Homecare policy and other similar solutions are in place to help bridge the current gap in the market and embrace the reform in the healthcare system that is needed.

“It’s clear from reports that the gap in social care is reaching a critical point, but there are already moves to bring social care and the NHS together. In addition to more joined up thinking in the public sector, service providers, such as Allianz Global Assistance, are working with insurers to provide short-term assistance at home, following illness or accidents,” continues Sarah Ducker. “These products are a clear step in the right direction and go some way to tackle the gap in the social care market today.”

“However, the lack of public awareness of the true cost of health and home care for the elderly is a major concern for the long term. People fail to accept they need to plan ahead for care, until it’s too late. We echo Norman Lamb’s call to insurers, urging them to focus on creating products that help people plan for the future, by ensuring they have access to the care they need, without having to rely on public services.”