Schools out for Mondial Assistance UK

As part of its hugely successful CSR Programme, Mondiality, Croydon’s Mondial Assistance has once again been working with pupils from Castle Hill Primary School, inviting them into its offices to learn all about working life. Taking place over six weeks, Mondial mentors worked with students to help them create their own PowerPoint presentation. The whole school and parents gathered to see the presentation, which was a huge success and the perfect end to another positive year together.

The partnership between Mondial Assistance and Castle Hill has been blossoming for over a decade, and came about through the Croydon Business Education Partnership (CEBP). The mentoring scheme, looking at careers, supports the CEBP campaign to give children bigger, and often slightly more realistic, career dreams.

During the programme, employees visit the school once a week to discuss potential future jobs, and work together with students on a big presentation for the rest of the school and parents, all about what they have learnt. This year’s project was working towards the students’ first presentation, based on their career aspirations and research into their chosen profession. The students were very creative with the jobs they chose, which included medical secretary, bank manager, car designer and more.

Simon Kirby, Marketing Manager at Mondial Assistance UK, says “This was the first time ever that the students had to stand up and speak in front of a large audience, while their presentation was displayed on a screen behind them. Even the most experienced speakers get nervous, but these students handled their first presentation experience brilliantly. They stood up in front of their teachers, parents, mentors and the rest of the school, and it was a very proud moment for everyone involved.

“This mentoring programme is an incredibly fulfilling project and we hope the students will gain some excellent skills passed on by their mentor’s life experience. For the mentors, the time spent with their students gives them a sense of pride. Not only have they helped the students with the presentation, but the mentors have passed on valuable advice to the next generation of professionals, not to mention the fun they have all had along the way. We look forward to next year’s project, as we continue to support the development of young people in Croydon.”