Serge Corel Appointed MD of Mondial UK

Mondial Assistance UK appoints Serge Corel as its Managing Director and the driving force behind its continued e and m-commerce development strategy.

In his new role, Serge will remain focused on delivering high class solutions to its automotive clients but will build on taking its core roadside assistance and approved used warranty solutions to new markets, including telecoms and financial services.

Serge replaces Mike Webb, who has become CEO of Mondial Assistance UK and Ireland, and Regional Director of other Mondial Assistance business units across the globe. Serge joined Mondial Assistance UK in 1997 as Finance Manager and quickly became Finance Director. Prior to joining Mondial, Serge worked in his home country, France, for France Secours IA a subsidiary of the Mondial Group. This was a similar operation to Mondial Assistance UK and gave him a strong grounding in the motor industry. He has also worked for Valeo and Ernst & Young.

During his successful career in the UK, Serge has worked alongside Mike Webb and the executive board of directors to bring to market Mondial’s warranty schemes. Today it’s the UK’s 2nd largest provider of manufacturer approved used warranty schemes and remains the 4th largest roadside assistance provider.

Serge says, “This is an exciting new role for me, as the opportunities for Mondial Assistance to cross-sell its motor expertise to new markets has never been more timely. More and more brands are looking to extend their core offerings in a bid to bring their customers a lifestyle offering that ties them to the brand. Take for example TomTom and HSBC who both offer Roadside Assistance, administered through us, as an added-value service to their customers.

“Embracing new technology is a vital element of our development strategy and has been central to our ongoing success. M-commerce has been high on our agenda, resulting in the launch of Direct Assist which has brought SmartPhone technology to the UK assistance industry.

“However, the challenge is to maintain the same level of innovation and stay ahead of the game. Our online Quote-to-Buy motor warranty is a clear example of how we can launch new products that answer the needs of the market, whilst build our portfolio of lifestyle services that can benefit any brand and its customers.

“Despite an ever-changing market, Mondial Assistance continues to be a B2B2C provider of roadside assistance and warranty solutions that enhance customer service, build brand loyalty and retention, whilst harness the power of technology to bring these services to market.”