Smart Talking with Mondial Assistance UK

New research shows that almost half of Smartphone users (48%) have shopped online via their mobile and this trend is dramatically on the rise*. Reflecting these market changes, Mondial Assistance UK is reporting growing demand for its extended warranty offerings across a range of mobile platforms and is applying the latest browser and communications technology to its services to benefit manufacturers and used car dealers.

Figures also reveal that visits to the UK high street by Smartphone users are down from over 72% to 56%*, with consumers adapting to a new level of shopping convenience. In turn, Mondial Assistance is urging the motor industry to keep pace with this shift and is helping its clients develop a range of customer contact strategies to engage with their customers wherever they are, bringing new services and offers to the palm of their hand.

Using the power of email and SMS, combined with sophisticated customer profiling techniques, Mondial Assistance has been delivering personalised and highly targeted messaging straight to prospects’ mobile devices. Liz Grindell, Warranty Sales Manager for Mondial Assistance UK explains: “We really have endless possibilities to communicate with consumers through the latest mobile technology, which represents a leap forward in the way we can harness new aftersales and extended warranty opportunities for motor manufacturers and dealers. Consumers on the move can now browse, shop and download apps, presenting a huge opportunity for manufacturer and dealer brands to engage with their customers.

“This shift in consumer shopping behaviour means we are constantly looking at new and exciting ways to help our motor clients to develop effective multi-channel marketing and communication strategies. By utilising web analytics we have been able to understand what motivates our clients’ customers during their online shopping journey, and in turn we have been able to increase customer loyalty and make a real difference to our clients profitability.”