Star Signs Reveal Travel Insurance Secrets

New research from Mondial Assistance reveals that, on average, Taureans make the most expensive travel insurance claims but are only the third most likely to claim on their policy. In contrast, Capricorns have the lowest claims costs but are the most likely to make a claim. Modial Assistance UK analysed its latest travel claims records to reveal some interesting patterns according to star sign.

Capricorn, Gemini and Taurus are the top three signs most likely to make a cliam on their travel insurance. Meanwhile, the usually cautious Taurus also faces the highese average claim costs- 8.5% higher than the average- so watch out if you tend to let your hair down too much on holiday.

Scorpios have the lowest number of claims and the second lowest claims costs, making them the safest travellers. While Capricorns make the highest number of claims, they come bottom of the claims cost chart, at 15.3% lower than average. Sagittarians are believed to be the luckiest star sign in the horosope and don't mind taking risks, but the chart shows they are one of the safest travellers- with the third lowest claims costs and being the second least likely to claim.

'We advise everyone, whatever their star sign, to make sure they take out travel insurance which meets their individual requirements to ensure thy;re covered for life's uncertainties,' says ben Smart, Travel Director. 'It is also essential that travelers let their insurer know at the point of purchasing insuarnce if they, a family member or travelling companion have an existing medical condition which could require treatment during the time they are away, or even cause them to cancel their holiday altogether. Many people assume that this would be covered, yet the realitt us that many travel insurance policies exclude pre-existing medical conditions.

'Those who take the risk and travel without insurnace could face some alarming medical bills should things go wrong. Our research and claims analysis shows that even the simplest problems can see the cost of medical treatment run into hundreds of pounds. Tretment for an insect bite could cost over £300, while a headache can cost a staggering £580 to treat...'

'For a little extra cost, travellers can buy insurance which meets their requiremenrs so they can enjoy their trip safe in the knowledge that they will be covered for illness, accidents and lost or stolen items. Our research into horoscopes highlights that travelling uninsured is a risk not many travellers can afford to take. In fact, we have created a free online widget, to help get organised before their holiday and not forget essentials including buying travel insurance and packing the relevant documents.'

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