Understanding Your Customer's Driving Needs

Liz Grindell, Warranty Sales Manager for Mondial Assistance UK, explains: “At a time when finances are stretched, Service Plans can really help car owners maintain their vehicle, ensuring it remains safe and reliable. With many consumers keeping their vehicles for longer, Service Plans should be a crucial option offered by dealers to help motorists budget for maintenance costs.

“Mondial’s sales training focuses on helping motor retailers concentrate on the benefits for each specific customer and their individual driving needs. Whilst aftersales teams may not be comfortable with a direct sales approach, they do want to help their customers manage costs, and are well placed to offer Service Plans during customer visits for MOTs, repair work and servicing. Post-dealership visits or post-vehicle sales opportunities also exist and Service Plan is a perfect addition to direct mail campaigns.

“While the trend may be for falling annual mileages, cars typically continue to need a service once a year and it’s important for dealer staff to be able to illustrate the importance servicing plays in the longer term value of their car. Monthly payment options help dealers present manageable financial packages to customers while providing additional profit and customer retention benefits for dealers.”