Viva Espana! Or not as the case may be...

Interestingly, the UK takes fourth place in the top ten destinations by travel claims, suggesting a ‘staycation’ is not mishap free. Italy comes close behind at 5th place, with Australia, Portugal, Thailand and Greece following. Germany takes tenth place with just one in 52 claims settled by Allianz Global Assistance resulting from plans to visit, or trips to the country.
By comparison, analysis of student claims settled by Allianz Global Assistance in 2015, saw Thailand, Australia and the USA favoured by the younger generation. Not one European country featured in the students’ 2015 top 10 countries by claims. 

According to the latest figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI)*, travel insurers are paying out £1 million a day to cover the costs of holiday claims, such as cancellation and medical treatment abroad; insurers paid out more than £128 million to cover the cost of cancelled holidays alone in 2015. These figures are backed by Allianz Global Assistance who report the biggest reason for a claim in 2015 was the need to cancel at 43%, followed by 1 in 4 people claiming for medical expenses and 1 in 6 claiming for loss, theft or damage to personal possessions. 

“It’s staggering to learn that a significant number of people, 1 in 5 of those we surveyed**, leave buying travel insurance to the last minute, exposing them to financial loss should they need to cancel their holiday,” explains Paul Doran, Head of Travel Operations for Allianz Global Assistance in the UK, part of leading travel insurance and assistance provider Allianz Worldwide Partners. “Holidaymakers should apply a hard and fast rule; purchase travel insurance at the same time you book your holiday. It won’t cost you any more and will save you considerable heartache if you unexpectedly have to halt plans due to a serious injury or illness, or worse still, the death of a loved one or someone associated to your travel plans.” 

The ABI reported the main cost of claims in 2015 was for emergency medical treatment, with insurers paying more than £196 million on related expenses. More than 166,000 British travellers claimed for medical treatment. Mark Shepherd, Manager for General Insurance at the ABI said recently*: “Holidays are meant to be enjoyable and relaxing, but they can be traumatic for some travellers who become ill or are injured abroad. Medical treatment in foreign countries can cost tens of thousands, which is why it’s essential to have a travel insurance policy that will cover you, should you need it. Travel insurers pay £1 million a day for cancelled trips or to cover medical costs and offer support during an emergency abroad. There are a wide range of policies available, so it’s important to shop around to find a policy that meets your needs, and be aware that a cheap policy is not right for everyone." 

**Survey of 100 holidaymakers surveyed by Allianz Global Assistance, Summer 2015