Winter Tyres: Not Just for Snow!

Most car owners wait for the snow to start falling before they consider winter tyres, but they’re not only suitable for the white stuff, advises Allianz Global Assistance. Winter tyres are designed to remain flexible in extremely cold conditions where standard tyres would be damaged. The UK’s cold, rainy winters can play havoc with road surfaces, but the right tyres can significantly improve braking distances. And using special tread patterns, winter tyres reduce the risk of aquaplaning when driving on wet or slushy roads and improve performance even on snow and ice.

Lee Taylor, of Allianz Global Assistance in the UK, comments: “Our survey shows that nearly half of motorists are put off by the cost of winter tyres. Although they’re not a cheap option, they are a long-term investment and special winter tyre packages make them more affordable than ever, as demand increases.

“Most drivers will have to replace the full set of tyres on their vehicle at some point during ownership. Swapping to winter tyres for a few months at a time each year not only means they last many years, but it saves wear and tear on a car’s standard tyres helping them to last much longer. This means the standard tyres need replacing less frequently, making the cost of the winter tyres much less prohibitive over the ownership cycle.

“Long, hard winters are becoming the norm in the UK, but unlike European drivers, we just don’t take the time to prepare for the worst. UK drivers appear to be putting cost above safety, when it comes to investing in winter tyres. When the temperatures do plummet or we get a bit of snow, roads are gridlocked with vehicles that just can’t cope with the conditions. Fitting winter tyres can help motorists stay on the road and stay safe.”