Work Well Week Focuses on Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Eric, the seven year old border collie, visited the office with his owner Diane Whiting, representing charity Therapy Dogs Nationwide. Eric usually visits care homes for dementia patients as well as visiting primary schools, but took a trip to the Allianz Worldwide Partners offices in Croydon as a way to encourage employees to take breaks from their desks and help them relax. It’s proven that spending time with animals reduces stress and anxiety levels, so a chance to pet Eric would help the teams take time out and give them a boost.

Another highlight of the week was a two day Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training course which was attended by 32 managers across the business. The course provided them with an in depth understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect wellbeing, as well as learning about some practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues to support employees.

“Our Work Well Week is designed to promote wellbeing within the workplace and to encourage employees to have a healthy lifestyle,” explains Maureen Stapley, Allianz Worldwide Partners UK’s HR Director. “Eric was a huge hit with everyone and showed how soothing it can be to have a few minutes with an animal to help employees get away from their screen and unwind. Allianz Worldwide Partners UK has a well-established Employee Assistance Programme, however we were keen to de-stigmatise stress and help to open communication lines so that actions against stress can be embraced.
“This whole week is about focusing on our employees, as they are the most valuable part of the success of Allianz Worldwide Partners UK. From diet and nutrition, to the way we deal with stress, the wellness week encourages a discussion about important subjects, including mental health. Crucially, the activities and talks aim to equip teams and their managers with the skills they need to be able to talk comfortably about these issues, which benefits everyone, including the business.”