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Allianz Partners enhances its electric vehicle (EV) assistance offer with BeNomad’s ev-Move solution

BeNomad’s software solution to locate nearby EV charging stations and optimise journeys for energy efficiency will further improve Allianz Partners’ roadside assistance operations for EV drivers in the UK and across Europe

1st June 2021

Allianz Partners, a worldwide leader in roadside assistance and services, has teamed up with software company BeNomad to integrate a new electric mobility solution into its roadside assistance operations. The collaboration will see the rollout of the “ev-Move” platform in the UK as well as other countries in Europe and will help Allianz Partners meet the needs and usages of the increasing number of EV drivers.

Developed by BeNomad, which creates mapping, routing and navigation software, ev-Move helps EV drivers estimate their energy consumption and optimise their trips. These features are made possible thanks to advanced algorithms that factor in numerous parameters (weather, traffic, vehicle profile, charging station availability, etc.) that can have an impact on autonomy, recharging and driving time. The platform is also able to locate available and compatible charging stations near the vehicle, a capability that is particularly helpful to users in the event that their car battery is getting low. The operator can then send an SMS directly to the customer to provide guidance until they reach the charging station.

This partnership is part of the global strategy of both Allianz Partners and BeNomad to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles. The ev-Move solution will continue to evolve over the course of 2021, with new features being added such as the possibility of starting a recharge or estimating the price of a recharge.

Looking ahead, Allianz Partners is developing a network of specially trained and approved support services for electric vehicles, as well as a dedicated helpline for EV drivers.

“We are very pleased to be integrating BeNomad’s ev-Move solution into our own roadside assistance offering,” comments Jon Tolliday, Head of Automotive Roadside and Customer Management Services at Allianz Partners UK. “The move to electric vehicles is important for a more sustainable future and this new partnership is a fantastic opportunity for us as we continue to adapt our services to meet and exceed customer expectations as they transition.”

Jérôme Hess, Head of Business Development at BeNomad adds: “We are pleased to support Allianz Partners, a worldwide leader in insurance and assistance, in developing dedicated services for EV drivers. Our partnership and the adaptation of our solution to the needs of this sector will allow Allianz Partners to respond to EV assistance requests and ensure quality service to all of its customers.”