Data protection and cybersecurity: Allianz Partners achieves TISAX level 3 accreditation

Allianz Partners, a leading company in B2B2C insurance and assistance and a world leader in roadside assistance, reaches a new milestone in information security and secure data processing. The Group’s headquarters in Saint-Ouen (Paris) have obtained the prestigious TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certification, a standard defined by the VDA, the German automotive industry association, which guarantees the highest possible level of data protection and know-how against the increasing frequency of cyberattacks.

TISAX is becoming the common standard in the automotive industry and is being increasingly requested by automotive manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide. The certification is designed to support cross-company recognition of information security assessments in the automotive industry across the world. By sharing their results online on TISAX, companies like Allianz Partners enable their OEM partners to verify the data protection and integrity credentials of their suppliers.

After online and onsite assessments by the auditors, Allianz Partners has achieved the highest level of certification (Level 3), attesting to the Group’s capabilities in processing highly confidential data and in security management in many areas including information security policy and organization, HR processes, business continuity, identity and access management, and GDPR compliance.

“As a trusted partner of OEMs and the whole mobility ecosystem, we are very pleased that the VDA recognizes our expertise as well as our rigorous data processing measures. We are now the first global roadside assistance company to be TISAX-certified, which shows the importance we put on data security in our operations. Given the fact that we serve business partners and process highly sensitive customer data from around the world, we ensure the highest level of compliance with stringent information security requirements,” comments Marcus Kommer, Director of Global Accounts & Head of Automotive Assistance at Allianz Partners.

This certification is another important step in Allianz Partners’ strong commitment to data privacy and protection, complementing its work on the secure processing of credit card information as Allianz Partners has conducted Payment Card Industry (PCI) assessments for over 10 years around the world.

Allianz Partners is prepared for further entities to undergo TISAX assessment, starting with its International Health operations in Dublin, Ireland.