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Ailsa Oxley joins Allianz Partners UK and Ireland as Human Resources Director

The appointment reaffirms the company’s dedication to empowering employees to drive business success

Allianz Partners UK and Ireland has selected Ailsa Oxley as its Human Resources Director. The travel insurance, automotive and assistance business will benefit from Oxley’s extensive experience gained from working for companies that cultivate the same global-local environment nurtured at Allianz Partners. It is, however, her commitment to embracing technology to enhance people’s roles, encouraging employee-led ideas and a passion for nurturing positive wellbeing that makes her stand out.

Oxley has 15 years’ experience leading HR teams across financial, legal and software organisations and won a HR Excellence Award for best talent management strategy across EMEA. She joins Allianz Partners from software design company, Hexagon PPM. Here she introduced global human resource management systems to enable effective talent organisation across all regions, identifying and developing specialism. Her work also included a talent tracking system, where she implemented enterprising recruitment software and recruited across 20 countries, making talent pipeline visible and reducing time to hire and fees.

Oxley commented on her appointment: “I am thrilled to be joining the team at Allianz Partners. Its innovative and dynamic approach to winning and retaining business, whilst challenging traditional business protocols, hugely appeals to me and I want to uphold and develop its global reputation.”

“However, I have always been a supporter of employee-led ideas. Rather than HR or senior management making changes and having them cascade to junior members of the workforce, it is better for those that are closer to the work itself to come up with the ideas. The more senior members of staff can then work on removing the blockers and making these ideas possible to improve the day-to-day experience for employees and enable them to work more efficiently.”

Tim Tozer, CEO of Allianz Partners UK and Ireland, adds: “From early-on in our search for a HR Director, Ailsa’s ethos was clear – companies thrive when they treat their people well. She is genuinely interested in the people she works with and promotes open, honest communication throughout organisations. We are all excited to bring her on-board and benefit from her knowledge.”