Allianz Partners Upgrades Travel Insurance to include Epidemic and Pandemic Cover

Coronavirus crisis leads to new terms of cover for all policies

o         Policy terms will now include cover for:

           - Cancellation costs relating to epidemics or pandemics, including COVID-19

           - Medical costs if a policyholder contracts a disease while abroad – as long as they did not travel against Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice

o         Change applies to all travel insurance policies provided by Allianz Assistance

Recognising that epidemics and pandemics are likely to become an increasingly common occurrence in the future*, Allianz Partners UK has reviewed its travel insurance portfolio to ensure it now provides greater financial and medical peace of mind for policyholders.  Crucially, new policies now include pandemic-related cancellation cover for insured events, as well as medical assistance abroad**.

All travel insurance policies white labelled to its B2B2C clients – which include some of the biggest names in the travel, insurance and financial industries - will now provide the increased level of cover in the event of pandemics and epidemics affecting travel. The upgraded cover also applies to all policies sold direct by Allianz Assistance.

Rachel Temperton, Head of Travel and Tourism at Allianz Partners UK commented: “The COVID-19 global crisis has demonstrated the devastating impact a pandemic can have. Travellers and the travel industry – including insurers - faced a wide range of unexpected situations that never had to be dealt with before. Plans were interrupted or cancelled and medical emergencies abroad were complicated by many new and challenging hurdles. It is vital that in the new world we find ourselves in, we offer a comprehensive insurance product that enables people not only to start to travel abroad again, but to travel with confidence.”

New travel insurance policies will now include cover for a wider range of claims relating to global pandemics and epidemics***:

·         If a policyholder contracts a disease – including COVID-19 – whilst abroad, they will be covered for additional expenses if they need medical treatment or to return home early as a result of their condition.

·         If a policyholder contracts a disease or is required to quarantine abroad following direct exposure and needs to extend their policy. They will also be covered for additional accommodation and transport costs as well as for one member of the travel party to stay abroad with them as needed, until its safe for them to return home**.

·         Cancellation cover will apply if a trip is cancelled because the policyholder or their travel companion either has symptoms, is diagnosed with a disease or is in quarantine (including being told to self-isolate). They don’t necessarily need to take a test, but they will need to provide a Doctor’s certificate confirming their diagnosis or suspected diagnosis, or evidence that they’ve been instructed to quarantine (self-isolate) via the government’s ‘track and trace’ system or NHS 111.

·         Cancellation cover will apply if a policyholder is denied boarding on their pre-booked public transport because they or their travel companion are showing signs of any contagious illness, even if its classified as a pandemic or epidemic, leaving them unable to travel.

·         Cancellation cover also applies if a close relative such as a parent, child, sibling or grandparent falls seriously ill and the policyholder or their travel companion need to remain at home as a result. Again, they would need to provide a Doctor’s certificate to support the claim.

Temperton continued: “We work closely with our travel and insurance industry partners to ensure we provide their customers with the highest quality protection, helping them enhance their product portfolio to attract new customers and add value to their core proposition. Continual review and enhancement of our offering is an ongoing and key part of this mission and this latest and significant upgrade confirms our recognition of future travel risks.

“The new level of cover does inevitably come at a slightly higher premium, but this is far outweighed by the greater protection and peace of mind it provides to customers looking to get their travel plans back on track. We also believe it will play its part in accelerating the recovery of the travel industry from what has been an extremely challenging time.”



**Subject to terms and conditions

***This is only if the policyholder has not travelled to a country against the advice of the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO)