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Allianz Partners was formed as Allianz’s B2B2C specialist in 2014 to support evolving customer needs and demands. Customers are increasingly mobile and connected, and demand the same of the products they purchase. Business partners are expanding internationally, demanding increased global capacity and looking to differentiate their own offers with value-added solutions. Allianz Partners was created to do just this. 
  • Responsible: We do right by our stakeholders, clients and customers because we have a transparent, ethical, open approach to the way we do business. We act with integrity and are sincere, honest and fair. 
  • Excellent: We keep our customers satisfied by providing them with the innovative, flexible, high performing solutions they deserve. We strive to be the best and continually find ways to improve. 
  • Connected: Because we are connected, we are able to use the capabilities of our global family to act as on and share expertise. 
  • Caring: Because we care, we act in one another's best interests and have been able to build long-lasting, trusting relationships that protect our clients' future and our own.